The Spectus approach to sash windows

A design that’s endured for centuries has to be very special, but we don’t believe homeowners want windows that are like museum pieces. They want homes that are warm, practical, secure and easy to care for, and that needs a change of approach.

We’ve developed a vertical slider that’s become the market leader. It’s an evolution of a classic design into a window that achieves today’s performance standards. Its appearance is stunning, but we’ll carry on evolving our window – every small change ensures it’s more perfectly adapted to our customers’ needs.

Flush Sash Window

Superior Trade Frames introduces the Flush Sash Window. Double Rebated and Timber Welded, it’s the ideal timber alternative.
It blends the clean lines and elegance of a pre-1932 timber window with modern thermal efficiency – and none of the ongoing

Designed to complement character properties perfectly, as well as modern, architectural masterpieces, it grants the ultimate in versatility and style.

Lift & Slide – Window Warehouse

All Frames Direct Lift & Slide doors are manufactured from thermally broken aluminium material. These sleek, stylish,
and highly durable doors with large glass area achieves panoramic impact without comprimising on security or energy efficiency.

Invite the outside in and discover your options with our striking Lift & Slide doors.


We are proud to present the Palladio Door Collection. We think you will agree that it has been worth waiting for. It is by a long measure, in our opinion, the finest composite door on the market today. In We are proud to present the Palladio Door Collection. We think you will agree that it has been worth


Improve your home’s energy efficiency Our patio doors are designed to insulate, but they also allow more natural light into your home and give you more options for ventilation. You could find yourself making savings on heating, lighting and air conditioning

The Renaissance Collection Window Warehouse

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